Barcelona determined to transfer Neymar from PSG

Joan Laporta, the new head of the Catalan team, started working on the transfer of the Brazilian star.

It has been suggested that Neymar, who has not yet extended his contract with PSG to expire in the summer of 2022 and whose future in the club remains uncertain, may return to his former team Barcelona.

Sport from the Spanish press suggested that the new head of the Catalan giant, Joan Laporta, has already started work to bring the Brazilian star back.

According to the report, PSG, which prepared the new contract to keep the star player in the team, presented this contract to Neymar, but Neymar refrained from signing the contract to deliver his future to the French team. Neymar, who postponed the talks, is waiting for an offer from Barcelona, ​​although he says he is happy to be in the club.

If Neymar does not sign the contract required to extend his contract, PSG, which pays a transfer fee of 222 million euros for the player, may approve Neymar's departure from the club next summer in order not to lose the star name free of charge.

If Neymar does not leave the team in the summer months, he will have the chance to sit on the table with the team he wants from January 1.

Date:2021-04-30 09:40:46

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