Robert Lewandowski's destination is England

Although Robert Lewandowski has a contract with Bayern Munich until 2023, he may wear the uniform of a British team next season.

Bayern Munich may open its eyes to the next season not only with a change of manager but also with a striker innovation.

The next goal of Robert Lewnadowski, who is supporting his team with his records and goals, seems to be England.

The Polish star's manager, Pini Zahavi, has already prepared plans for the next season.

According to the report of Sport Bild; Pini Zahavi, Robert Lewandowski's manager, is preparing for the transfer in the summer.

However, Zahavi stipulates that a large amount should be put on the table for the Polish star, despite the financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus.

In this case, Lewandowski's transfer target will be England, where they will have no problems with salary increase.

Before the 2018 World Cup, it was rumored that Robert Lewnadowski was ready for a new challenge and would leave the club.

However, Bayern Munich avoided these allegations and retained Lewandowski by renewing the contract in 2019.

Date:2021-05-03 10:05:54

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